Saturday, April 15, 2006

User Generated Media Ideal Marketing Strategy

While user-generated media are a hotspot for online advertising reaching younger audiences, technology buyers and influencers are also a concentrated market that uses RSS media.

The explosion continues. User-generated media (a fancy term for blogs and online games) have proven a spectacular way to talk with the 18-34 crowd. That stands to reason. As MTV influence wanes, the new media offer high contextual relevance ... great targeting for an audience that has never been easy to reach before.

An "old" technology world of marketing ...

Years ago we were going after this audience for our client Pringles ... before MTV and the Internet ... and teen boys was an especially tough group to talk with. We resorted to billboard posters that we had hanging is high school hallways. For Hawaiian Punch, we got sampling in school cafeterias by demonstrating to managers of school lunch programs that they could make increased revenue by offering Hawaiian Punch to the students. This was all hard work. The task is much easier with blogs and online games -- natural hangouts for teens.

But now I work in the B2B world, marketing software to technology buyers.

Again, the new media come to the rescue. The tech world is always an early adopter of technology and they gravitated to RSS and blog technology very early. I can still remember Jim Robertson pitching this as a marketing path five years ago -- long before RSS and blogs were what they are today. That's because Jim (being a techie who programs in and promotes Smalltalk as the ideal programming environment that beats the socks off Java in performance), Jim saw the potential the second the RSS protocols were in place. Before that he was a great proponent of Wiki technology (long before Wikipedia hit its current popularity).

If you are aiming at a B2B audience or if you are aiming at a youth audience, you absolutely need online advertising to extend into the user-generated media world.


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