Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Network TV Spins Content into Multiple Media

Can Marketers Take a Cue from TV Content Producers?

MediaPost writer Cory Treffiletti has an intriguing article in which he points out that already we see that shows like "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" have emerged as cross-platform brands.

"Lost" is the best example, when we consider that the show airs on network
TV but is also available on iTunes, it's begun to spin out a series of books
featuring additional characters from the plane crash that aren't featured in the
show, and there's a magazine for those rabid fans of the show such as myself.

This clearly shows that content is more important than even the network brands that are spawning the shows. It also underlines the need for more content producers who can take a basic premise such as a TV screenplay and turn it into magazines, websites, blogs, books, newsletters. We will need to innovate new ways to monetize all this content that are acceptable to the content consumers ... but the trend is clear.

How is all this relevant to marketing?

Business organizations are also churning out content, and we should take a cue from the TV networks. How can we repurpose the content our organizations create? How can we take a sales training presentation into a whitepaper into a webinar into a newsletter into a blog into a promotional microsite into a seminar into a speaking engagement into a feature article in the business media into an appearance on The Today Show? All to grow the companies that we work for. Content in the future will be the "killer ap" that smart marketers must master.


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