Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marketing to Create Communities

Creating communities can drive marketing to a higher level of success.

The biggest shift caused by the Web is not the technology that people use to gain access to information. It is not even the content (although you know I am a huge believer in creating contextually relevant content). The biggest shift is one that is underway right now -- using the Internet to create communities who share common interests. It is the interactivity of the Web that is changing the landscape for what marketing can be and must be.

One way you can begin forming this community is by offering blogs built around topics that are of interest to your prospects and customers. The blog (or even a wiki) enable the back and forth communication that is essential to community development. Purposely plan your blog to encourage customer-generated content ... give them a spotlight and a moment of fame ... allow them to take ownership of your blog ... give them the resource to talk about what is important to them and for other readers to communicate with one another.


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