Monday, April 10, 2006

Marketing is All About Content --
The Rediscovered Marketing Resource

Putting my personal filter on what I've heard today at the eContent Conference.

Content is what brings us closer to our prospects and customers. But the content must be perceived of as valuable and the concept of what is value-added content is changing like a twisting river. Your target audience has no trouble locating content. It is everywhere. What they have trouble getting is the sense of what all the content is saying and how to make it actionable for themselves. That leads to my first big ah-ha: making intelligence of all the content is what people will pay for. As thought leaders in our various industries, we must be the people who put the puzzle together. Do it right and fame and fortune is yours.

Another eureka? Bring your prospective and current customers into the game with you. Encourage them to develop content. Do it the way FlickR did ... users post their own photos at FlickR. Other examples: MySpace, Linkedin, FaceBook and YouTube. Transfer this concept into your own marketing model.

It takes a new skill. You need to convince people to do what you want them to do and have fun while they're doing it. Content must cut through the attention deficit that plagues most of us. Help your targets to feel like valued friends instead of targets. When they share content development with you, they begin to relate with you. They make a decision to participate. How you reward them deserves careful consideration -- perhaps it is just a moment in the sun, a chance to be in the spotlight, the opportunity for fame. Your website, your eNewsletter, your corporate blog, your enterprise wiki -- all represent opportunities to bond with your customers.


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