Thursday, April 27, 2006

Marketing in Times Square Gets Very Personal

When billboards begin actively interacting with passersby, you know the marketing world is beginning to understand that it is time to change the way we converse with clients.

Nationwide Insurance is the latest brand to speak to consumers through an interactive billboard located in New York's Times Square. Nike, Mountain Dew and Time Magazine launched similar campaigns in the past.

The Nationwide promotion is part of their "Life Comes At You Fast" campaign.

Heightening the contextual relevance of the interactive billboard, consumers can submit their own stories online for possible inclusion -- the chance to be a "star" in Times Square.
"How did life come fast at you? Send us your story. If it stands out, we'll
post it LIVE in Times Square. Do something that says, 'hey, world ... look at
how fast life came at me.' Like tell your husband you're pregnant."

More than 2,000 consumer moments will be broadcast on the billboard during the Nationwide campaign. A live Webcam runs on the submission site, giving participants a view of other Times Square stars. And if you really like stress, you can let the sound effects emanating from the traffic ripple from your computer speaker.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Adam said...

This is a good marketing approach and it is creative. I think Time Square is the perfect place for a marketing campaign called "Life comes at you fast" due to the traffic and how busy everything is in New York. I think it is a fun way to attract people out on the streets to see a different type of advertising.

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