Monday, April 03, 2006

Marketing Getting Smarter About Analytics

I think it's really good news!

There's nothing like facts to override opinions.

Nearly 90% of respondents plan on using more Web analytics tools in 2006. This according to Forrester's Customer Experience Peer Research Panel.

It seems that marketers are finally starting to realize there's gold in those click streams and shopping carts. There are plenty of great tools, even free ones. We use Webtrends and it gives us visibility into what our customers are reading (and not reading) ... analytics has been at the base of our last two website overhauls.

A key observation is that everytime we place what I call "early stage content" on the site, it gets good traction. Early stage content is stuff we write about customer pains and issues rather than about our products. Prospects who are in the early stage of investigating software solutions want to get a better handle on the problems. Once they are confident of their position, they move up the buying cycle and start looking at product content. So our next web improvement that we are now working on is focused on content useful to early stage prospects.


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