Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Marketing and the Online Customer Experience

Let's assume that people who visit our websites from search are mission-driven. If their mission is not accomplished, and accomplished quickly, visitors will seek an alternative, and these metrics may turn out to be a red herring.

We cannot put up eBarriers to enabling visitors to accomplish their missions. Instead, get them as fast as possible to relevant information. Most sites I visit do not do this for me. I sit there and scratch my head: what were they thinking when they designed this page? Surely not me. Do you get the same experience?

You click on an article in your Google search, or on a Google Ad ... do you get to the information you expected to get, or are you treated to a salespitch, or are you dumped on the Home Page with no idea how to get to the information you were looking for? Let's Keep It Simple. Give them what they want and then motivate them to go where you want them to go ... not the other way around.


At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Trivani Team said...

In recent years, "experiential marketing" has become perceptually aligned with "marketing execution".

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