Monday, April 03, 2006

Killing Marketing Campaigns Before their Time

Anne Holland (if you don't know her, you should ... she's the brilliance behind MarketingSherpa) has a great story in this week's newsletter.

Seems she was presenting a great case study at a conference. After the talk, a gentleman introduced himself to her as the manager of the project she had just raved about. Then comes the sad part of the story ... the project that worked so well was cancelled. Not because it failed to get results but because the CEO just didn't like it.

My last post was about how politics trumps strategy, everytime.

We all experience it. We get tired of a campaign way before the audience is tired of it.

Anne cites three reasons this happens:

#1. Boredom -- the marketing department is bored of the creative, the offer, whatever. They figure (often without any evidence) the marketplace must be bored too. Anyway, newer is always better, right?

#2. Ego/Salary justification -- a new marketer, agency, or president has come on board and they want to put their personal stamp on the campaign.

#3. Politics -- power has changed hands somewhere internally and whoever now has it wants to pull a few strings or make changes for pet projects/pet peeves, regardless of how it affects marketing results.

If you yourself are guilty of this ... smack yourself alongside the head.

If others are doing it to your programs ... stop and figure out how to win the murderers over to your way of thinking instead of rolling over. Make the facts work for you.


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