Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How Many Blogs Really Matter?

Currently, 1.3 million feeds in the Bloglines database have at least one subscriber on Bloglines, one of the major RSS Aggregators ... and the one I most often use myself to track other blogs that I read regularly.

According to Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President of Search Properties at Ask Jeeves, there are 36,000 blogs that "really matter" since they have 20+ subscribers. That means only a small percentage of blogs have enough relevant material to gather a community around them.

The thing that is generally useful from Lanzone's analysis is that subscriptions for blog feeds through Bloglines gives us a relative understanding of the blog world:

Level 1 -- 36,000 blogs that are serious enough to garner 20 subscribers.
Level 2 -- 14,363 blogs that have +50 subscribers
Level 3 -- 437 blogs that have +1,000 subscribers
Level 4 -- 60 blogs that have +5,000 subscribers
Level 5 -- only one blog with +50,000 subscribers

The lonely most popular blog? Slashdot.

Now when it comes to marketing blogs ... there are nearly 28,000 blogs that concentrate on marketing. The leading contenders tend to be focused on new job offerings ... are we all looking for new jobs? Out of a universe of 1.3 million blog feeds tracked by Bloglines, only 2484 are talking about marketing management. It seems then, to me, that marketers are missing the blog boat.

If you're curious, the blog you are now reading is among what Lanzone calls the blogs that "really matter." Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my blog via Bloglines.


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