Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fast Tour of Web 2.0 Marketing Models

Web 2.0 businesses are fundamentally different. Web 2.0 businesses are delivering software as a service and using the Internet as a platform. A common attribute of all successful Web 2.0 businesses is that sharing control creates value for the producer.

These businesses include the biggest most well-known companies and then some new, smaller ones are springing up everyday.

Google is the leading Linux application built on top of the Internet …
eBay has 800,000 people making a living selling things
Mapquest is now the premier way to go from here to there.
Craig’sList took the classified ads from newspapers … now the #7 top site in the world with just 18 employees
Yahoo is the ultimate content aggregator
Amazon has 10 million user reviews shares bookmarks and creates an enormous community
iTunes is the new way to get your music
YouTube shares video
FlickeR public hosting of photos … can select photos that match a color wheel so they fit in with a graphic design
Wikipedia … now the ultimate version of an encyclopedia
Connotea is like a public library of science


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