Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Fast Primer on Marketing Touchpoints

Our portfolio of marketing touchpoint opportunities is expanding rapidly so it's smart to keep a few basics in mind as we tool down the road:

A webinar does not need to be expensive -- 2 to 3K should be plenty.
Ideally, customers should be the guest speakers -- they can validate the value message as well as make it compelling through their first hand knowledge.
These should be regular and frequent
They should be recorded and made available on your website.
Follow up with each registrant within 72 hours.

Regarding Keywords - all ways choose these from a user perspective.
These words are frequently far less expensive than industry "buzz-words" or technogibberish.
Don't just drive people to your homepage. The magic is in the landing page.

Should be content based and establish an onging relationship with customers/prospects.
The goal should be to help the readers do their job better.
Recommended frequency is once per month.
Build and use the user database and continuously validate the database.
There should be a call to action.

Must be kept fresh.
Tendency is for BLOGs to get stale.

Over 90% of technology buyers say this is their preferred offer.
However, they are inundated with whitepaper offers.
Use only if they are truely good.

Great for 3 minute messages.
Great for collecting data on users.

This must be a marketing platform not a product platform.
Should generate decent leads by tracking downloads.
Websites should feature continuous surveys.


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