Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blind Luck Contextual Marketing

On the one hand, I commend Chevrolet for running ads where the message is somewhat relevant to the target audience.

Chevy Tahoe has been running two print ads in the wedding and travel sections of several daily newspapers. Presumably, they want to sell a Tahoe to newly weds ... the ad copy tells a story of a newly wed couple who found each other not by using a Computerized Dating Service but who fell in love over a mutual interest in Active Fuel Management. The wedded couple of course took their honeymoon in a Tahoe and we learn how the Tahoe makes life easy for the couple. Pretty funny stuf. The ads ran in the Seattle Post-Times, Modesto Bee, Sacramento Bee, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Daily News, New York Post, Philadelphia Inquirerand Houston Chronicle, to name a few.

It is in the end a rather clumsy approach to focus a mass medium with a niche message. This could have been so much more effective if they used direct mail to place the Tahoe story in the hands of newly weds, put flyers at tuxedo rental shops and with wedding photographers ... and tied it in with a sweepstakes to win a new Tahoe or a first anniversary vacation.


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