Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who Should "Own" the Internal Contact Center?

My premise is that marketing should own the contact center. My rationale is that the role of the contact center is two-fold: to provide customer support (read that as customer retention) and to support outbound direct marketing campaigns (read that as customer acquisition). Both responsibilities should be under the management and supervision of the Marketing Department.

Contact centers (previously known as call centers) are the information clearinghouse of most companies. What the Website does not broadcast, the contact center must deliver. What marketing has promised or what sales has sold, the contact center must reinforce. What manufacturing has shipped or procurement has ordered, the contact center must acknowledge.

Yet the talented men and women who attend the phones, the emails, faxes and chat sessions are often hampered in their ability to be the great oracles they are so desperately needed to be. Putting the contact center in marketing puts them in the middle of the action where customer activity originates.


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