Monday, March 20, 2006

Technology Advances; Marketing Must Stay Up

The newest issue of Informaion Today arrived and I spotted an article that caught my attention ... I am always interested in trends so their "Top 10 Technology Trends" took me inside the publication.

Trend 1 is that blogging software will be integrated with our other software. From my point of view, this is essential if blogging is to become a mainstream marketing tool. They missed, however, the necessity to develop better visitor metrics than now exist. Blogs must be as measurable as our websites, since in reality, they are just a specialized website.

Trend 2 was also about blogging. Capturing the top two positions surely means blogging is no longer a second cousin to marketing and IS people. This trend predicts that video blogging is becoming more practical for more people.

Trend 3 is also Web oriented ... Voice Over IP (VOIP) will be integrated more transparently into our lives. Their example: a mobile phone automatically sends a message to a spouse (or a business associate) when the plan lands.

More trends: more technology will enable highly distributed bandwidth; technology will reach us wherever we are; everything will be tagged for easier retrieval and content control; content from a variety of sources will be saved on a non-proprietary format with standardized open document initiatives; standards will win over proprietary operating systems (Microsoft will do what it can to slow this one down); broadband will travel across power lines; and rounding out in Trend 10 is mobile devices will become the primary mode of communication.

Factor in that the NSF has a program moving forward called GENI where they are now developing an entirely new Internet that addresses piracy, spam and all the ills that now plague us.

Roll all this together and all of us in marketing will be scrambling for years just mastering the new technologies that proliferate faster than we can say "Jack Frost."


At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Christina Brasher said...

I am pleased to hear that blogging has made the first two spots in the "Top 10 Technology Trends." Being a Marcom blog contributor, you probably understand the importance of encouraging students such as myself to blog. As a professional, you know first hand the benefits of such immediate conversation. I have come to realize how it will impact the way we communicate only the past few months.
Blogging is a technology that, in my opinion, is here to stay. It is a way for company and client to share information and stay in contact in a communicative way. There is a connected feeling that a client can have with its organization, because he/she knows that through a blog their voice will be heard.
I enjoy blogging. I enjoy what a blog can bring to a company. I enjoy the reaction you get from people when they realize what you are doing. I hope to blog for whatever company I work for when I graduate. It is a way for me to know that I am giving my clients a voice by not just telling them that, but showing them. In today's business is it how you act and not by what you say.


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