Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Teachable Moment Marketing Campaigns

A survey for Sears concluded that a woman's best friend is her tool kit and reports: "Three out of five women would rather receive an hour of advice from Bob Vila than Dr. Phil.

If you are running marketing campaigns aimed at women, that should be useful advice. They don't want to be preached at but instead prefer advice they can use around their homes. Marketing, after all, must be relevant to what the customer wants.

This opens up the whole concept of The Teachable Moment.

There are times in our life when we are more prone to to interact with a marketing campaign. That time is when we enter The Teachable Moment ... we are in a new situation, we bought a new car, or we're going on a trip, or we have a problem we don't know how to solve. As marketers, we need to understand our customers and what kinds of events are most likely to push them into a teachable moment.

A marketing campaign for a safe and effective hard surface cleaner will be more effective when the homemaker has moved to a new home and is confronted with new surfaces to keep clean. Develop a Teachable Moment marketing campaign aimed at new home owners, with a coupon and sample to start the teaching as soon as they enter their new home. Well, you get the idea.

Whether it's Bob Villa or Dr. Phil ... when we're ready to learn, a teacher will appear. Will it be you?


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