Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rating Google's Contextual Ads as a Marketing Resource

Here's a different kind of Google Bomb.

I was away last week attending a seminar and while I was gone and not blogging, it looks as if Google has lost its scent. The previous ads in this space were well matched with the content, but this week they have gone to pot. Search engine marketing is being tested here, and not doing so well.

Out of five ads, two were pharmaceutical-related. In the course of writing this blog, I might have mentioned pharmaceutical a time or two ... but certainly not enough to warrant 40% of the advertising here to hit that category. My guess is that not many in marketing are looking for pharma jobs offered by biospacejobs ... if I'm wrong, let me know and call me crazy.

Of the remaining three ads, one from Deloitte offering an excellent whitepaper on Growth Strategies has appeared every day for weeks. If you were interested by now, I should have thought you'd have downloaded this paper. If not, please do so and maybe Google will grace us with a new offer to consider.

That leaves two more ... an opportunity from Fortune to join their forum on innovation and a free Innovation Newsletter from Industry Week magazine. Both are interesting to me, and quite possibly interesting to you, as well. But, hey, Google ... how about more ads with offers that appeal uniquely to direct marketers who are interested in personalized, contextually relevant marketing?

That is, after all, the promise of contextual advertising, isn't it.

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