Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Marketing Tips on eMail List Building

Melinda Krueger of Krueger Direct/Interactive must have known I was going to post today about eMail Marketing (my previous post).

As soon as I published "eMail Marketing Made Better," I got an email from MediaPost with an article she wrote about using and abusing eMail lists. It was so timely and relevant to my discussion that I felt compelled to pass along a link for you to follow up on. Melinda explains why she does not use rented lists for her eMail marketing campaigns and she offers some good hints on reactivating non-responders. Her full story is here.

Interestingly, when I googled Krueger Direct/Interactive the SERP gave me a full page of articles authored by Melinda ... clearly she's very active in the business ... but when I tried to get the website address so I could learn more about the services she provides. Can't find her anywhere. I have her email address, but no website. Surely she has not made the classic mistake of no way to learn more about her business????

And, hey, if you have had any nifty eMail marketing ideas along the way, how about sharing them here so we can all get better together?


At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Max Lund said...

Hey really your tips are quite interesting.

you know...

How I am going to add 5000 new subscribers to my list...

I am invited to participate in a brand new PLR Giveaway JV that could possibly add 5K to 10K (or more) subscribers to my lists within a few short days. I am sure this works because I have seen many GURU marketers use this technique to build their lists to astronomical sizes.


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