Friday, March 31, 2006

Marketing Success Impacted by
Call Center Performance

A new consumer study sponsored by Five9 found that 76% of customers rated 24-hour customer service as either important or extremely important to their purchasing decision. The report shows that bad call center experiences drive customers away from brands, callers hate giving lots of info, and no one likes IVR traps.

Some of the key findings in this report are:

52% reported 24x7 support to be important and 24% said it was extremely important to their purchasing decisions.

The overwhelming majority of respondents -- 96% -- state that a positive/good experience with a call center agent would increase their sense of brand loyalty.

Most respondents -- 70% -- have changed products/services or not made a purchase due to a bad experience with a call center agent.

Scenarios that resulted in the caller being most dissatisfied with the call center agents/service included:

50% - when the agent was not well-informed on the product/service or could not quickly resolve the issue

35% - when the hold time was too long

25% - when they were required to provide a large amount of personal information prior to being helped.

91% of respondents reported being locked in a self-service menu and unable to request to speak with a live agent. (It’s probably safe to assume these callers weren’t very satisfied with their experience).


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