Monday, March 13, 2006

Marketing Engages the Blogosphere

The individual opinions blasted out in in the blogosphere are becoming an increasingly powerful force. Together, they form the fabric of online word of mouth that can determine the hottest new product, make or break a TV show, or set off a customer revolt. Eager to tap into the buzz, a growing number of companies are turning to sophisticated new technologies that track what's said on Internet social networks, blogs, message boards, product review sites, "listservs" -- wherever people congregate publicly online.

To capture the chatter, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, a giant in the industry, uses software that collects hundreds of thousands of comments a day. The technology can scan for specific companies, products, brands, people -- anything searchable. It can slice data into a range of categories to quantify the number of times a subject was discussed online, the individuals who mentioned it and the communities where it appeared. Read the entire article.


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Jess said...

I think we can definitely use Nielsen BuzzMetrics and ConAgra, as well as all of the other companies mentioned in the article, as an example of what is to come in the future. It is a simple, genius, concept that will completely change the way we run marketing in the future.
I found it interesting that the article said that NBC even used the chatter in the blogosphere to foreshadow Olympic ratings. They compared the activity on the Olympic blogs to that of competitor American Idol. It showed that bloggers were posting their thoughts about American Idol just about as frequently as they posted about the Olympics.
It is great that companies are now using blogging to determine things such as ratings. It's just another great credit to add to the blog resume.


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