Friday, March 31, 2006

Marketing Emergency Preparedness ...
Are You There?

The transit strike in New York in December, 2005, has some interesting lessons for all of us in marketing.

Our customer contact systems work just fine – most of the time. But when an emergency hits, most of us are unprepared to keep lines of communication open to prospects and customers. During the strike, research firm Basex conducted a survey of 100 New York businesses.

The report, "Strengthening Corporate Pandemic Preparedness and Response," reveals that about 90 percent of respondents were set up to function only for a short time, if at all.

Marketers need to plan out our customer connection infrastructures well in advance of the need for a sudden increase in the number of communications at critical out-of-service times.

The transit strike should serve as a wake-up call, not only for New Yorkers but for everyone…marketers need to ask themselves if they could continue operating in this fashion (emergency mode) for three months or longer. Are you prepared?


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