Friday, March 31, 2006

eMail Marketing -- The Little Things Count

Content drives click-to-open rates; not images.

That's a surprise to most marketers I talk to. We seem to have a love affair with spectacular grapic design to drive a visual concept. At least, I know I have a belief that such visual concepts work better ... and most marketers that I work with share this notion. And in most media, we're right.

But, apparently not in email.

A Jupiter Research survey of over 1,000 recipients of email campaigns disclosed what it was that caused them to open and respond to the campaign.

The top four attributes out of eight were all content related: the product features (54%), the written copy (40%), the subject line (35%), a compelling offer such as a discount or free shipping (33%).

Only 12% were influenced by a single large image. Only 9% were influenced by multiple smaller images.

In seventh and eighth places, the importance returns again to content issues -- search box within the email (6%) while 3% of the responders got only text versions of their emails (no HTML).

So, when planning your next email campaign, it makes sense to put our attention on the words instead of the graphics.


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