Monday, March 06, 2006

Creative guidelines for compelling online ads

A peek at my notes from the SEO Srategies conference:

The headline title for the ad is the most important element
  • Get the keyword and a differentiator in the title … a 50% improvement
  • Bold your company or brand name
Be specific … vague copy fails every time
Two examples of specific copy for Cincom:
  1. Learn how Product Configuration works
  2. Product Configuration in half the time
  • Another example of being specific:

Arizona Golf vs. Phoenix Golf … the first is too broad if you only offer golf trips to Phoenix … write ads so you don’t have to pay for clicks that won’t convert.

Have a compelling offer that is different, unique:

A few more practical ideas to make your online advertising work more effectively
  1. Use CAP LETTERS for key words
  2. First person stories … trusted authority … price appeal … convenient actions … get information, unlike any other
  3. The word FREE is the easy fast word but it does not qualify the prospect
  4. Display the URL for company site or landing page
  5. Make sure the landing page delivers relevance from the initial ad (strong scent … the ad and landing page should smell the same)
  6. Use price points when this is an advantage
  7. Different populations using different search engines behave differently … but FREE Stuff works all the time
  8. Sell the experience … indulge yourself
  9. Check with the various search engine sites … they all have resources to improve results
    Display Ads
  10. Elements with most impact are Headline, Greeting and Image
  11. “Success” images outperform lifestyle and product images by 58%
  12. Avoid logo confusion in same ad


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