Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Perfect Draft Beer -- AT HOME

The newest edition of Trendwatching just came out. Often off-the-wall ideas resonate from the pages of this newsletter. Today's trend is something they call "insperiences." I think they have hit something that spells opportunity for some clever entrepreneur ... but more importantly for the rest of us marketers who just want to understand what makes consumers tick ... Trendwatching is worth the tour.

Here's a sampling of their logic that supports INSPERIENCES:

Fact is, consumers' homes are and will forever be their castles, cocoons, most prized possessions, which means spotting new domestic trends, before others do, could net you serious bucks, euros, pounds and yens.So the big thing in the world of domestic bliss right now? How about re-creating experiences from the outside world into INSPERIENCES for the home? Mind you, INSPERIENCES will be as much about extending these experiences as flat out replacing them: consumers will still choose to visit a 'real' Crunch gym on the weekend, they will still hang out in bars with friends, they will still stay in hotels, and they will still come to the office for meetings and human contact.

So what's driving the home-upgrading and INSPERIENCE trend?

Well, try one or more of the below:

  • Rampant individuality: we are all MASTERS OF THE YOUNIVERSE, our homes turning into highly connected, sophisticated control and entertainment centers.
  • Post 9/11 insecurity: 'let's stay in and invite some friends' says it all.
  • Convenience: consumers are still time-starved, so having or doing *anything* at home means not having to venture out, which saves time.

These are hints into the mindset running around out there. How can your next marketing program appeal to this base instinct?


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