Friday, February 24, 2006

My Colleague's Blog in the Top Ten

The “Smalltalk Tidbits/Industry Rants” blog by James Robertson, product manager, Cincom Smalltalk, is ranked seventh in the Google and Technorati Software Development Sites’ Top 10. Robertson’s Smalltalk blog has been up and running for four years.

"This is cool--writing a blog with a bent towards a product that has been used to create the blog itself. Nice engine," said one reviewer.

The Smalltalk blog is built upon the Silt blog server written in Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks. Supporting all of the relevant standards in the weblog arena – the blog also supports the major syndication formats and the various methods for communicating with other websites (Trackback, Pingback, RSS Text Input, Comment API). Incrementally built and deployed over four years, the server also supports a full community of Smalltalk bloggers.

Robertson will be discussing Silt and the benefits of blogs at the upcoming Smalltalk Solutions Conference in Toronto, Canada.


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