Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google Ads Rock

A funny thing happened on the way to ...

I put Google ads on this blog to help offset some of the cost, but did not realize that they would be personally useful to me. I found myself looking over the ads mostly to see how well Google was matching ads with my content ... were they really doing contextual matchups? Within a week or so I was satisfied that they were doing what they promised.

Then I caught myself clicking on a couple of the Google ads ... at first to see what the experience was like, and if I thought my readers would find the experience offensive or intrusive. For the most part, the ads take me to a useful resource and expose me to a solution provider that I did not know before. So again, I was pleased that my readers would have a productive relationship initiated from my blog.

Well, this Google ad thing kept growing in my mind. Finally, I caught myself going to the ads on a routine basis just to see what I could learn. In short, I am hooked on the Google ads that magically pop up along side my musings.

So I decided this morning on the way to work that I really ought to take yet one more step in assisting blog readers ... and point out to you when I see good stuff in the right column. Now, I realize that by the time you read the blog, the cited ad might no longer be there ... but that's just a risk we'll all have to endure.

Clear Story Systems offers a 5-page non-technical whitepaper on the cost factors and ROI impact of Digital Asset Management in the marketing department. And Vanguard Strategies lists success stories for how they assistend a rather impressive list of clients ... one story was how they mediated between WebMD and IBM to move from not seeing how the other would help them into a productive marketing relationship.

Hey, take a look and see what you can learn.


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