Sunday, February 19, 2006

Can We Trust Any Government that Suppresses the Web?

The Internet works in America. In fact, it works wherever freedom exists.

Our Internet sites are so open, that the quality and access -- not just one or the other, but the combination of the two -- is what makes it work.

Not so in other countries -- there we discover how limited some people are, even when they get on the Internet, to what they can access.

The power of the Internet has challenged traditional marketing ... likely even has spelled the end to mass marketing where the law of scale is no longer a compelling economic model.

But as I wrote some months ago, marketing needs a free society to thrive. You do not find such freedom of the Internet in the Middle East and China where governments still fear their own people.

Now, it seems that even Google -- the epitomy of a free Internet -- may be giving way to empower autocratic governments to suppress the flow of information. Congress has called Google managers to a series of hearings on its role in censoring such words as "democracy."

Such actions should send a cold wind down the hill that chills our relationship with such a suppressing government. How can we trust any trading partner that deliberately lies to its own people -- the potential customers for many of the products we sell there. Surely we all see this as wrong headed and dangerous. Putting blinders on the Internet is bad, bad policy. Hopefully, Google and others will not be tempted to trade the freedom of the Internet in exchange for business.

It's the power of free information that makes the Internet such a powerful marketing medium and any suppression of this freedom will kill economic choice.


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