Friday, January 06, 2006

Promotional Message Development

The old school of "knock 'em over" promotional content still works. You know it as 48-point type screaming "Free Offer" or "Two for Price of One." Fast, hard-hitting superlatives.

But with the customer more in control of the buying cycle than you are in control of the selling cycle, new approaches to copy development need to be utilized and tested. One that I like because it is involving is what I call "The Knights of the Round Table."

We all like stories. Story telling is an emerging art in the world of marketing. With the Knights Approach, you communicate your promotion through a concise story. Think of your promotional campaign plot in story terms:

A Happy Kingdom -- the desired state for your product, company, industry ... what things will look like when you win.

A Fair Maiden -- the customers who will gain incredible benefit from your product.

A Villain -- the foil, the picture of unhappy life without your product.

A Knight in Shining Armor -- your product comes riding in from the west (whoops, that's a mixed metaphor).

A Battle between the Villain and the Knight -- the product solves the problem.

A Happy Ending for Evermore -- the victory by your knight in shining armor, saving the maiden by defeating the villain.
This does not mean you wax along eloquently with a lot of words. Instead it means getting to the context of your offer with more customer involvement and interactivity.

The Knights Approach gives your story structure, interest and power. It lets you appeal to more emotions than "save money now."


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