Monday, January 09, 2006

The Cure for Customer ADS

Why, oh why, do I keep harping on data-driven contextual marketing?

Because I know it works and because everything I read points to its importance.

Another book gives credence: The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business.

Davenport and Beck, the authors describe a sort of Attention Deficit Syndrome that falls over buyers. "What are the symptoms of this kind of corporate ADS?

1. An increasing likelihood of missing key information when making decisions.
2. Diminished time for reflection on anything but simple information transactions such as email and voice mail.
3. Difficulty holding others' attention.
4. Decreased ability to focus when necessary.

People don't have enough attention because they're overworked, stressed and trying to do too much in too little time."

This is simply one of many barriers we all face when communicating to customers. How do you get their attention?

Simple. Be relevant. Talk about things they are interested in. Solve their pains.

Do not for one second think that telling them how wonderful your product is will be interesting to them until they see you are trying to help them and that they can trust you.


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