Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Corporate Dieting Dangerous to Health

The Corporate Board has a new white paper that you just gotta download ... it's free but you do have to register. The paper written by Susan Webber is titled "The Incredible Shrinking Corporation."

In a nutshell, the paper explores the craziness that managers go through to hit quarterly numbers while they are cutting the muscle right out of their businesses. A big reason: lack of a corporate vision. Without a vision for where the business is headed, there is no compelling reason to hang on to valued assets ... it becomes easier to cut numbers to please Wall Street. Susan Webber will get you thinking, especially if you feel your company is not yet performing as well as you believe it could.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous creative latruist said...

Corporate vision is not the only issue. Its the lack of mentoring and nurturing young individuals with relevant ideas and passion for the job that is taking a bite out of sales and profits.

A lot of people in managerial positions at corporations still have the attitudes of a desperate economy that made us all have to watch our backs and request quarterly reviews to keep our jobs from going to the ambitious kid that just started interning and would do the same job for much less pay.

We should all take lessons from Patagonia, Starbucks and Virgin Mobile/Records/Atlantic and allow the lowest person on the totem pole to contribute – besides its every manager's responsibility to nurture each employee with an ioda of talent. When was the last time taht happened in todays corporations unless you were related to the CEO?

All in all dieting in every sense of the word is a quick fix, we need to develop a way of corporate life that stimulates healthy corporations and illiminates the need to cut quality people to meet quarterly numbers to please Wall Street.


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