Sunday, January 08, 2006

Celebrating My Blogger Birthday!
Squidoo is Next!

It almost slipped past me.

Context Rules Marketing has now been in the blogosphere for a full year.

It started as an experiment. I wanted to learn more about blogging and figured the best way to do it would be to, well, go blog.

Some 300 postings since January 7, 2005.

It took a good while to get my voice right. Do I comment on what's being said around the marketing blogosphere? Do I talk about the things I do in my day-job at Cincom Systems? Do I rant? Do I? Do I?

I decided eventually that a little of all the above was okay, but my central voice would go to my passion -- creating contextually relevant marketing that I belive deeply can optimize marketing and lead us to increased effectiveness and efficiency.

For most of the past several months, I have been bouncing around the Top 50 Marketing Blogs. But there are many days when I wonder if anyone is paying attention. Free advice often goes unattended to.

What's Next in My List of Experiments?

I have been working on a number of related projects as part of this blogging experiment. Some you will see in the weeks to come. A big one is now visible.

I am creating a series of online marketing reference libraries that will serve as comprehensive resources for marketers. I'm using Seth Godin's Squidoo technology to build these libraries ... he calls them "lenses" -- a good name because they let you peer into the depths of a subject and link to related expertise.

So far, I've built six that are in various stages of development ... the only one that is approaching what I have in mind is The Complete Direct Marketing Lens. If you have any feedback, either drop me a comment here or use the "contact me" link on my Squidoo page.

Others in development (and not yet ready for prime time) include lenses on marketing management, sales promotion, package design, interactive marketing and customer relationship marketing.


At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy blog-birthday! Looking forward to reading more of your always thought provoking and challenging posts.


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