Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blog Campaign Creates the Buzz
Follow Up Creates the Sales

Adrants blogs about a blog campaign that had some legs for a South American wine company, run out of jolly old England. Sales doubled! Dang, man, we all want to double sales ...

The important lesson is to understand what the blog program did and didn't do.

Sending out free bottles of wine to known bloggers did get a lot of them writing about the wine. That's good. The right bloggers probably have a substantial reach as a total medium. They were not paid to blog about the wine, they just wrote about the experience.

What the wine company did that was really smart was in how they merchandised the blog buzz to the retailers. They got their buyers convinced that there were a lot of people talking about this wine so they better stock up.

That's a good technique for any outbound campaign -- be it traditional advertising, publicity placements or blogging. Always merchandise back to your sales force and then, in turn, to the trade to get the real value for the program. Sales only happen when sales and marketing are marching together!


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