Sunday, January 15, 2006

Best of the Blogs for this Week

Newspapers are a Thing of History ... And so, at last, there are two piles of paper: a short one of stuff to read, and a tall one of stuff to throw away. Unfortunately, many people are taking the logic of this process one step further. Instead of buying a paper in order to throw most of it away, they are not buying it in the first place. The whole article at Corante.

Who's Listening to Podcasts? ... Podcasts changed the listening habits of millions of consumers and affected the way radio — and to an extent, television — broadcasters communicated to their audiences. New research on the viability of podcasting at eMarketer.

Sales Meetings for Customers ... Instead of a kick-off sales meeting at a hotel or arena for employees only, which many companies do this time of year, Apple has Steve Jobs do a 90-minute presentation in front of customers at Macworld that's live, then archived, on the Web. Church of the Customer presents 5 steps for running a successful sales meeting.

Learn How Customers Learn ... When you get the lessons Kathy Sierra has passed along from her extensive experience (all at no tuition fee to you), you will understand more clearly how to get inside customers and teach them how you address their most important needs. It's at Kathy's very pictorial blog: Creating Passionate Users.

Clear the Dragons from the Room ... Dave Pollard has a great review of Adam Kahane's book Solving Tough Problems. The post by Pollard condenses and frames Kahane's insights to help us all work more collaboratively. He identifies the dragons that live in our companies, killing progress everyday with internal conflict and he lists 10 ways to clear the dragons out of the business. It's all at Save the World.

The Pro Golf Tour ... TaylorMade Golf Company has launched a contextually relevant blog. The posts are about life on The Tour by and about the players they sponsor. Avid golfers will find the insights offer a unique look into the circuit and the blog is aggressive in branding the company's products. This is a model worth emulating. Take the Tour.

Marcom Blog ... The new semester has started and this popular blog is picking up steam again. The blog is part of the curriculum for Auburn University marcom and PR students. Instructor Robert French has recruited a panel of PR and Marketing professionals who post regularly on communications ... the students then comment on the postings ... the refreshing part of the blog is the ability to see inside the students' minds and watch their development as future pros. Ah, yes, I am one of the pros who blog here, most frequently I write about direct marketing, PR and technology. See you at Marcom Blog.

The Auto Industry Beat ... Business Week has a new auto blog ... the writing is excellent, giving readers keen insights into the inner workings of the auto industry. Check out The Auto Beat if you want to see how this industry churns.


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