Thursday, November 17, 2005

What is Content Worth to You?

How many times will you pay for the same content? Apparently a lot according to a newsletter by Shelly Palmer -- "Online Spin" from MediaPost. The key is that producers keep a wall around formats so they can squeeze all the lemon juice.

99ยข to purchase a song on iTunes
$2.49 to download a portion of that song as a ringtone
$1.99 to use a portion of that song as a ringback tone
$1.99 on iTunes to purchase a download of the video for that song
$1.49--for a still image of the artist to use as wallpaper on your mobile device
$14.99 for the DVD of the movie that features that song
$19.99 for the CD of the album that includes that song
$3.95 to watch the pay-per-view or video-on-demand version of the movie
$6.95 for the HD VOD concert that features the same song
$12.95 per month for the subscription to HBO that will broadcast the movie and the concert on the cable company's linear and VOD channels
$12.95 per month to a satellite radio company where you can hear the song

So, fellow marketer, are you squeezing all the juice for your company?


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