Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Fifth P of Marketing - Passion

My associate Louis Columbus, as he so often does, has nailed something so foundational that we can miss it. He writes on the Simplicity Blog:
Nearly every business school teaches the traditional 4Ps of Marketing including product, price, promotion and distributon or place. The key is to sychronize strategies to take each of these aspects into account and create results, either in terms of great channel growth or direct sales. These are the core concepts of Marketing.

In the graduate-level courses I ocassionally teach on Marketing one more P sneaks into the conversation - Passion. Nothing happens in Marketing without passion - and that's a passion to be the change agents of a company, not the holders of the status quo or worse, the historians of the past.

As my class goes through case studies and examples of exemplary marketing one fact emerges: Marketing is as much of a calling as it is a career. Call it an avocation.

Marketing is an act of agresssion against the status quo and it is definitely about making an impact in the market, all in the name of advancing brands, awareness and eventually Sales.

Passion truly is the fifth P of the Marketing mix.



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