Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Customized eBrochures a Big Hit for Phoenix

Karen Gedney writing for has another case of precision marketing that allows each prospective customer to produce perfectly relevant brochures. The case is the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau. Their problem: potential visitors had to wait up to 8 weeks to receive travel literature from the Bureau. By then, many prospects had moved on and selected a different vacation site.

The Bureau cut 8 weeks down to a real-time response with personally produced travel brochures. The visitors check off items that are important to them: shopping, outdoor adventures, arts, golf, entertainment. This is then matched up to the travel database and instantly a customized, link-laden email is sent off. 35% of those getting this personalized eBrochure click on the links to learn what Phoenix uniquely offers them.

The Bureau can observe which links are selected, (and if they are really tuned into the visitor, they would then followup with additional information further customized). While the real benefit is contextually relevant information put in the hands of prospects in real time, the nice little bonus is that the Bureau saves the $10 it formerly spent on generic brochures sent to prospects via the post office.


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