Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Weren't Mainframes Wiped Out by the Last Asteroid?

CINCINNATI, OH, Sep 20, 2005 (CBS Marketwatch) -- Cincom Systems award-winning Expert Access e-zine provides some real-world business thought leadership with an article published today entitled "Weren't Mainframes Wiped Out by the Last Asteroid." ...

Another epistle from my Cincom colleague Lou Washington (see my previous post on marketing by government agencies) ... Actually, I'm thinking about making it Lou Washington Day in all 50 States. You'll love his sense of humor woven inbetween some pithy observations.

One thing I find interesting is that the technology marketing world has spent most all of its capital on reaching desktop and web tech users ... plain out left the mainframe folk in the dust ... where they practice their skills in the shadows doing stuff that most big companies simply cannot do without. Maybe if we were really focused on customer-relevance, the industry would get hold of this powerful segment of tech buyers and figure out their needs and interests.

Someone just might scoop up a huge opportunity lost in the IT labyrinth.


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