Sunday, September 04, 2005

We're Really Just Story Tellers

Jennifer Rice got into a blog conversation with Seth Godin on her blog What's Your Brand Matra? The conversation resonates well with the objective of this blog:

Jennifer's asks Seth to comment on General Motors putting its GM badge on the sidepanel of everything from Cadillacs, Saabs and Hummers to Chevys and Pontiacs? She is pointing at the obvious dilemma this strategy creates ... it takes away the distinctivness that each brand has for different customers ... it levels them all as just GM vehicles.

Seth gets to the heart of it all ...

"GM needs to learn before it's too late that they are NOT in the assembly line business. They are in the business of telling stories."
The heart of contextual marketing is customer relevance. We need to tell our stories so that the strike a chord inside the customer's heart and head. When you buy into the Hummer story, you are a very different person than someone tuned into the Cadillac story. While GM is proud of its corporate brand, customers are buying into personal brands. It is hard to see positive leverage in this move.


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