Friday, September 02, 2005

The Truth is All We Have reports that Martha Stewart Living, Family Circle and House Beautiful are the latest magazines to be caught in a circulation scandal that is sweeping through the media industry like “an apocalypse,” as one worried publisher dubbed it.

Worried they should be. Not fun to be caught in a lie. Lies destroy all credibility. In this case, the credibility at stake is with media buyers for ad agencies and corporate media departments who place their professional reputations on their analyses of the circulation numbers presented by ABC-rated magazines. If it's based on false numbers, the whole business sits on quicksand.

Media buyers and their clients must be quite firm in dealing with this scandle. In the end, if our honesty is at question, then all of marketing is at risk. Seth Godin might believe all marketers are liars ... well, this sure does put an understroke to his claim.


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