Friday, September 02, 2005

To Register or Not to Register
Ah, That is the Question!

I understand the resistance to website registration. Adrants discusses this dilemma.

I have watched our prospects during focus group studies from behind the one-way mirror. They don't like giving up their information, especially email addresses for fear of being spammed. But most conclude that they will register if the site is offering something of value that they want.

So the task in website marketing is to offer stuff that prospects will value. I prefer to email or snail mail it back to them to make sure I get a legitimate email address. I do not put this registration process on product-related collateral ... I want them to read this so they can learn more about our products. But high value white papers, webinars, special offers, free downloads ... these are enticing enough to create registration.

Yes, I lose some people who simply will not register ... but they are not likely good prospects anyway.


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