Sunday, September 04, 2005

An Outpouring of Love

Like most of you, I have sat here now for a week watching the terrifying images from our Gulf Coast. I have debated back and forth whether to write here about the experience ... this is a marketing blog; not a news blog. I tossed the debate around for several days and finally could not go any longer without adding my prayers to all the victims and all the caregivers and to all the wonderful people in Texas who have adopted so many of the now homeless.

What could be more relevant than that we all share somehow in the grief, and that we each find our own way of helping. I have learned personally that prayer is powerful so it is not an unimportant act that we all lift our voices in unison to grant some sense of peace amidst all the turmoil. My daughter and I went to Kroger, like so many others, to buy food and supplies that we took over the our church. Churches all over Cincinnati are doing the same thing and sending the donations to a central warehouse where it is all being boxed and then shipped to churches in the distressed areas so that 3 meals a day can be served to those who find their way to these centers of hope and humanity.

It is our nation's largest natural disaster ever. It will also be our nation's largest outpouring of personal giving and sharing.


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