Monday, September 19, 2005

Laughing Myself to Sleep

Last night I hit a blog by a Chief Technical Officer. I always attribute links to my sources, but this one's so embarrasing that I can't go there.

He writes:

"I think the general public expects too much. They want a product that not only meets their current needs but anticipates their future needs. They want simplicity but plenty of flexibility. They want their product to last forever, even though their use and needs for the product change over time. They want a lot of functionality but make it easy to use and figure out. They want immediate answers to problems that they have even if those problems have never occurred before or happen rarely or sporadically. These are all conflicting needs and wants, so the idea that you can satisfy all of them is not only impractical but unrealistic."
So many high tech company managers just don't get it, do they?

When he wakes up, or I stop laughing, whichever comes first ... he will have a competitor who figured out exactly how to meet the customer's needs. This kind of stinking thinking is why so many marketers have trouble turning their ships around. Marketing sees the handwriting on the wall, but other managers just plain don't buy into it.

Our biggest task in marketing may not be in serving customers, it is knocking down all the stinker thinkers who roam our halls and leave us vulnerable to customer-centric marketing-driven companies.


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