Friday, September 09, 2005

How Much Relevance for $8 Million?

This from the New York Daily News ... Whoa!

Madonna may want to thank her horse for bucking her.

We hear Motorola execs were so worried that the singer would pull out of a commercial for their new Rokr phone that they dangled twice as many carrots in front of the aspiring horsewoman.

According to a source, Madge made close to $8 million for 10 hours of work on the ad, which she shot last week in London. (The spot has the flirtatious superstar surprising a Middle Eastern teen as he talks in a phone booth with a girlfriend, asking, "Who's that girl?")

Word is Madonna couldn't have been friendlier during the shoot. But the singer, who had her arm in a black sling, grimaced between takes. Her rep confirms that the health freak won't take painkillers and is still doing Pilates.


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