Friday, September 02, 2005

Cashing in with Content

David Meerman Scott has joined our panel of expert feature commentators at Cincom Simplicity Blog. I am excited about blogging with this highly articulate author ... you can read his first post here.

David is the author of a new book "Cashing In with Content." David features 20 "content-smart" e-commerce, B-to-B, and not-for-profit sites from over 1,000 that he analyzed. He explains why Web marketers can't rely on "aesthetics" or "slick, TV-influenced, one-way broadcast messages" to get one's message out. People are looking for information, and they appreciate companies that give them answers to questions they hadn't even thought to ask. You will find his comments on why he chose each of the 20 featured sites quite insightful. You can download a complimentary e-book preview of Cashing In with Content. Enjoy!


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