Friday, September 09, 2005

The Blogosphere is the
Place to Know Your Customers

Every marketer should be using the blogosphere (couldn’t someone have come up with a word that didn’t sound so geeky to describe “all the blogs in the world?”).

If your company has a point of view to profess, do in on your corporate or brand blog … as long as you serve the reader’s needs ahead of yours … for if you don’t do that, you wont have readers.

But more important you should be reading the blogosphere and discovering what your customers and prospects are saying about their needs, their interests … even what they might already be saying about you and your competition.

My previous post held two illustrations where marketers made really bad decisions because they were not really connected to their customers.

By now, we all know the well documented problems that one blogger created for Dell. Instead of ignoring what was being said on customer blogs, they should have had an active listening program.

Sign up today with any of the good RSS aggregators; most like Bloglines, Intelliseek’s BlogPulse and Technorati have search capability with alert functionality that makes it easy to track each and every blogger talking about their needs, talking about you, talking about your competition.


At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogs are not limited to finding out about a consumer; they can also be extremely beneficial within a corporation. They can give a company personal appeal. Blogs give a corporation human qualities. When someone is writing from their company, their product becomes more than just a product; there’s a person behind it. Blogs can almost personalize a company’s goods. They can highlight the desired attributes of a company instead of “sell, sell, sell.”

Blogs can also create a way for employees to approach their superiors. It has the potential to break barriers and provide a less confrontational way of getting things done. When a CEO of a company takes the time to write his personal opinions, or endeavors within the company, it truly shows that he is devoted to his company. This has the potential to make a company’s image real and attainable.

It also gives employees a way to communicate amongst themselves about their concerns or opinions. If you were truly interested in what your employees thought of the company, a blog would be a great way to listen to what they had to say and efficiently deal with their concerns or ideas.


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