Friday, August 12, 2005

Want a Good Dose of Inspiration?
Try The Big O

Back in 1960, I was still in high school. It was a great year, made especially great because Oscar Robertson was playing in the National Basketball Association. He had just graduated from the University of Cincinnati Bearcats with every honor imaginable -- except the NCAA Championship which somehow had eluded the 'Cats, despite The Big O's heroics.

Fortunately for all us Big O fans, he was recruited by the Cincinnati Royals, then an NBA team. I would get on the bus, transfer to three other busses and travel across the city to watch him play with the Royals. His stats: 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists per game-an average of a triple-double for an entire season. Not even Magic Johnson or Larry Bird could match those numbers.

Another interesting note that many sports fans don't know is that the Bearcats won two back-to-back NCAA championships after Oscar graduated (and they missed by the edge of their teeth getting the third one in a row). By then, I was the Assistant Sports Information Director while a student at UC, so I had a front row seat for the 'Cat games.

Those were the Glory Years in Cincinnati.

Why talk about them in my marketing blog?

Well, perhaps part of it is that Oscar is now a millionaire -- but he made it in the world of business. His story of success is one that should inspire all of us to move on from great to greatest. After he retired from pro ball, Robertson became president of Orchem, ORDMS and Orpack-Stone, with interests in banking, real estate and media. 45 years after graduation, The Big O is still scoring points for Cincinnati as mentor, benefactor and organ-donation advocate.

He became successful as a man because of his incredible pursuit of excellence, whether on the court or in construction or in his many civic efforts. He is a model and an inspiration for any of us who want to be successful -- no matter what our field of endeavor.

Now, I'm doing a little "on my own" grassroots marketing for someone from whom we can all learn ... and now you can follow this link to get a copy of his new video: The Big O.

If anyone wants a quick dose of inspiration for a career that needs a little recharging, The Big O can provide it. Get the video and watch a real pro in action.


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous josh said...

Oscar Robertson is a legend in basketball. Being a avid follower of sports, it is always great to recognize achievements of an athlete on and off the field/court. These are great achievements made by Oscar in basketball and the business world. However, I feel like that is a more important underlying message that Oscar is also trying to convey.

Oscar Robertson is a great inspiration to the young people in our society today. Today we hear about too many athletes going straight to the professional level and skipping college. Oscar is a prime example of someone who was successful after his career in the NBA because he went to college. He used his name as an athlete to become a organ donor and a mentor. He also wouldn't have had the experience to become president of a company if he had not gone to college. As a professional athlete, one has to realize that he or she is a role model to many regardless if he or she does not want to be. Setting an example and being a positive role model is what Oscar did and is still doing.

This is a great way to advocate someone and his achievements and use it as a marketing tool. Oscar is a man of great influence because he has succeeded on many levels, in sports, and in the business world. When someone feels like they are being successful in their career, looking at Oscar Robertson's story should make that individual realize that he or she can do better and there is always room for improvement. While looking at Oscar's story, someone might say that he has achieved all he has ever wanted to. However, I feel like if you ask him what he thinks, he would say that there is more work to do.


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