Sunday, August 07, 2005

Three Paths to Overcome
Channel Proliferation Woes

Channel proliferation has quietly become one of the biggest headaches facing senior executives. The reasons are many. I offer three paths to help put CEOs back in charge. I summarize them here and will add more detailed posts on each Path.

Path 1: Improve internal processes and sales efficiencies

Resolve sales process, roles and support to increase proficiency of selling to prospective and current customers. Integrate channels with back-office staff and processes so everything works seamlessly to sales closure.

Path 2: Align and integrate stove-piped channel structures

Resolve channel conflict and enhance channel cooperation to improve management, agent and customer satisfaction. Manage channels against business profitability requirements to achieve profitable revenue growth. Resolve the frequent conflict between marketing and sales departments that lead to wasted resources.

Path 3: Encourage customers into profitable channel behavior

Align channel strategies around customer demand and channel usage. Resolve access and integration of customer data on disparate systems.


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