Saturday, August 13, 2005

Thought-Leadership Marketing Builds Business

Thought-leadership is vital because of its potential to establish a meaningful point-of-difference that cannot easily be copied by competitors. It rests on the reality that companies can connect through the noise based on the way they think, as much as on the products or services they sell.

Stepping into the path of controversy -- Thought-leadership builds a company’s image by demonstrating its understanding of a challenging industry issue and demonstrating the ability to initiate fundamental change.

A core business strategy -- Thought-leadership is driven with a consistent approach to resolving a compelling industry challenge with an original, forward-thinking position. It is based on what you say more than what you sell. Thought-leadership strategies are executed by communicating innovatively, directly to the customers and stakeholders who can most impact economic success.

Convince targeted decision-makers that you have the thought-leadership to contribute positive performance benefits to vital industry issues.

Supplement business development efforts with a content-rich eMail campaign directed at the target audiences.

Maintain continuous awareness during selection process.

Demonstrate thought-leadership, command of the issues and understanding of the target audience.

Demonstrate that you have a superior process for improving both care quality and effectiveness metrics.


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