Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reveries Cool News -- A Great Marketing Resource

Do you subscribe to Reveries' Cool News eNewsletter?

If not, you should get it ... honest, it is a great read about marketing and customers ... comes daily, but takes just 5 minutes to read and almost always has some clever reinterpretation of an article from WSJ, New York Times, Financial Times, etc.

I quote Reveries' Cool News frequently because they get my tiny brain tripping off in some directions that I would have missed without them.

For example, the August 11 Edition talks about customer identity and how it is more important to get at the customer's "state of mind" than more ostensibly rational factors ... as I preach here, this state of mind is the attitudinal aura that truly impacts purchase behavior ... it reveals the contextual relevance path for your messages and promotional offers.

Identity & Behavior. "Because identity is fundamental to behavior, choice of identity may be the most important 'economic' decision people make," according to study by economists George A. Akerlof and Rachel E. Kranton, as reported by Virginia Postrel in The New York Times. That view is different from "standard methodology in economics" which "tend to ignore attitudes of states of mind" and focus instead more objective, or ostensibly rational issues. For example, "economists calculate that students will stay in school as long as they believe the benefits of education -- its effect on future earnings -- outweigh the costs in income lost by not working while in school."


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