Friday, August 26, 2005

Pushing the Envelope for Dell and Delta Airlines

I read great praises for websites that facilitate ecommerce. Two in particular: Delta Airlines and Dell Computer. And yes they are a cut above the ordinary website that sits stone silent like a brochure on a screen instead of an interactive experience of the sort that these two marketers provide.

But let me push the envelope even for Dell and Delta.

The Dell site is held in high regard, but even this site does little to help buyers who are trying to figure out what their computer needs are, how to select a computer most appropriate for educating their children or running a business from home. They do not answer all the questions that such buyers have as to how to use the computer, what their specs should be and why, the kinds of things each buyer can do with one computer versus another. Instead, Dell very rapidly moves you into a cluster based on the one-sided transactional focus and gives you a few models to chose from. A truly helpful website would provide content that helps me understand my needs, helps me develop a checklist, helps me understand my requirements. So Dell can still push the envelope.

The Delta Airlines site has a wonderful functionality for buying tickets and tracking flight progress, both aimed at relieving their call centers from more expensive modes of transactions and service. There is minimal content to help various kinds of travelers to plan their vacations or to help business travelers to take advantage of their destinations or to assist them with personal needs in cities or countries where culture, resources, dangers, medical care are unknown. The Delta site is treated as a destination site instead of a journey that tracks and profiles customers to provide greater assistance and to generate increased loyalty. Such content would be a lot cheaper to produce than to pay off frequent flyer miles. The site is good, but misses enormous opportunities to build trust and loyalty. So Delta, too, can still push the envelope.

Take a look at your site. What kind of content can you provide that would make this site more than a brochure?


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