Saturday, August 27, 2005

Marketing's Dynamic Duo

Let me add to my previous post from yesterday (Marketing's Double Edged-Sword). As we all know from the comic books, Batman was much more effective in saving Gotham when he had Robin at his side. It was a synergistic relationship that spelled doom for all the bad guys.

Likewise, outbound marketing initiatives produce dramatically better ROI when fully integrated with tlemarketing. Response rates will be several hundred percent better.

Most marketers tend to wait until the postal or email responses have peaked before launching the phone. The rationale for this old-line of thinking is that mail is less expensive so why cannibalize a $1.00 email message or a $5.00 mailer with a $20 outbound call. Experience shows that mail is simply a springboard for the phone follow-up. Why wait for 98% of the prospects to get cold while waiting for a 2% response rate?

Unified messaging allows marketers to manage all touchpoints with the same strategy, the same value proposition, the same view of each customer's data. This guarantees that the customer is contacted quickly with relevant information and offers. This requires thorough training, scripting, quality monitoring and detailed results analysis. The payoff is immediate.

Always make telemarketing part of every campaign.

Always make a unified view of customer data available to the telemarketing agent.

Pretty simple, really. Gotham will never be the same.


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